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House Plans to Examine Trucking Regulation Challenges

Following a concerted effort by NGWA and other organizations to raise awareness of the regulatory burden facing small business trucking companies, the House Small Business Committee will hold a hearing titled “Highways to Headaches” on November 29 at 2:00 p.m.

The hearing’s goal is to examine how regulations, like the forthcoming mandate to install electronic logging devices, create undue burdens for small trucking operators—who are often regulated in the same way as large trucking companies.

NGWA plans to submit a letter for the record during the hearing, highlighting the association’s concerns with the forthcoming electronic logging device mandate. Having a hearing on these issues has been a goal of the ELD coalition throughout 2017.

NGWA impact: The hearing represents a high-profile opportunity for members of Congress to hear from small trucking companies who are concerned about the costs and burden of regulations such as electronic logging devices