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Empire State Well Drillers' Association, Inc. 

Scholarship Program:

  Established in 1941, our organization consists of Drillers, Pump Installers, Suppliers, and Manufacturers. We are a state organization dedicated to the development and preservation of ground water. We are interested in men and women who desire a career in the field of ground water resources. Your Scholarship Committe members are available for further information. The Empire State Water Well Drillers' Association, founded in 1941, is committed to taking a leadership role in protecting our natural resources through the promotion of the ground water industry. This Association will strive to support a spirit of cooperation and communication within the industry and between consumers and regulatory agencies.

Roger Mills:      (845) 225-9597

Jim Dwyer:        (518) 251-4416

Dave Rossick:  (518) 746-0173

Groundwater is a priceless renewable resource lying beneath most of the earth's surface. Groundwater supplies about 25 percent of the nations domestic, agricultural and industrial water. Fifty percent of the U.S. population depends on ground water for it's drinking water supply. The nations water is a renewable resource only if we, in the industry, continue to manage this valuable commodity wisely.

If you have considered the groundwater industry as a career, we would like to talk to you. Become a part of the industry that takes care of the earth's most precious resource.... WATER

A. Eligibility
  Acceptance in an accredited school in a course of study in the groundwater field.
  Sons or daughters of Association members have preference.
  Approval based on the scholarship committee's evaluation.
  Must be full time student.
  Preference will be given to two year programs.
  Applications must be submitted and received by May 31 of the current Year.
B. Funding
  A maximum of $2,500.00 will be available per school year.
  Funds may be distributed to more than one individual in a calendar year.
  Preference will be given to two year programs.

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